Elestor: LDES hydrogen bromine flow battery

ees AWARD Winner 2023

Elestor (Netherlands) was named a winner of the ees AWARD 2023 for its product LDES hydrogen bromine flow battery.


Elestor, a Dutch electricity storage company is a major innovator in the field of energy storage. Elestor's mission is to minimize storage costs with the help of hydrogen bromine in a durable, megawatt-range flow battery.

The unique chemical composition could help to reduce lifetime storage costs by two to three times compared to lithium-ion systems, and even more significantly compared to vanadium flow batteries. Bromine can be extracted from seawater, making it a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to chemicals such as vanadium, which is used in many other redox flow batteries.

With a round-trip efficiency of up to 75 percent and a service life of up to 25 years, the AC system developed by Elestor has been setting new standards for flow batteries.

The panel was particularly impressed with the chemical composition, the low energy costs and the unique scalable design of this AC system that can contribute to a CO2-neutral future.

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